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Adding NVMI email to your Android device (phone or tablet)


If you have more than one NVMI email account, just repeat the steps to add additional email accounts.

All and emails are in the Google system. Staff members are in the process of migrating from the Office365 system to the Google system.

How to add your NVMI email to the Gmail app on your Android device

Most people already use the built-in Gmail app and are familiar with how it works. Virtually all Android users have this app pre-loaded on their phones, and since the Android system is a Google product, they naturally prefer their own Gmail app.

Most people will already use the Gmail app for other email accounts; follow these directions to add an account:

  • Launch the Gmail app (e.g. Open the app)
  • CLICK on the Menu icon (in the upper left corner)
  • CLICK on your current username (also in the upper left corner). This opens up the account screen. 
  • CLICK on “Add account” and you’ll be given choices for the type of email account you want to add
  • CLICK on "Google" and you'll be given a choice for the type of Google account you want to add
  • CLICK on "Existing" and you'll see a login page
  • Enter your complete NVMI email address (e.g. and password
    • Decide whether you want to receive news and offers from Google Play (WE SUGGEST UNCHECKED)
  • CLICK the right triangle/arrow to continue
  • The screen will display "Signing in" for a while, then you will be given choices for what information you would like to Sync with your device. PLEASE WAIT FOR ABOUT A MINUTE FOR THE ENTIRE LIST TO SHOW UP.
    • WE SUGGEST that you should only have GMAIL synced. Having more items synced may increase your data usage.
  • CLICK the right triangle/arrow to finish
  • ALL DONE! Your NVMI emails will now appear in your Gmail app on your device

Please note that this process may vary from device to device and phone vs. tablet, but the same basic principles will apply.