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Academic Support Program

Before School Homework Help and Academic Support

Each day from 0645-0745, homework help is offered to all students in Room 41. Teachers and tutors are available for support in mathematics as well as all other academic subjects. In addition, academic support classes are offered after school each day from 1545-1700. Students may be required to attend Academic Support

*as part of Academic Probation or

*may be assigned academic support by their teachers or

*may be assigned Academic Support as part of a behavior contract or disciplinary probation or the requirements of a Cadet/Student Success Team meeting. 

In any event, when Academic Support is assigned, cadets must attend, be on time, stay for the entire time period from 1545-1700 and comply with all teacher expectations during the Academic Support period.  Cadets who fail to comply with these requirements will earn a 4-point permanent demerit for each failure to comply. Parents may not excuse a student from mandatory Academic Support without first arranging the excuse directly with the Superintendent.  Only the Superintendent has the authority to excuse a student from mandatory Academic Support.


In addition to the above, if a student fails to turn in all classwork and homework in a given week, the teacher may assign Saturday School from 0800-1200.  Sich assignment occurs by way of a note in the child's planner/PAAL and both the student and parent will receive email notifications on their NVMI email.