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Music Company

Welcome to the Music Company page!

The North Valley Military Institute began a music program at the school in July 2015, and with that a BRAND NEW music company! As NVMI's music company we are dedicated to serving the school in many ways, such as community outreach, support of school events, and representing the school at various competitive events. Our mission statement is as follows:

The North Valley Military Institute Band provides support and community outreach through the art of music, while exemplifying and upholding the values put forth by the North Valley Military Institute. Band members are the connection between the general public, America’s soldiers and veterans, and the North Valley Military Institute and provide a wide range of functions including, but not limited to, music performances, community outreach, and recruiting initiatives. Additionally, the Band functions as a competitive entity, representing the North Valley Military Institute at music competitions, festivals, and clinics. The Band is a true representation of some of the incredible talent offered by the North Valley Military Institute and represents the excellence found within the school.

Check out some of the high school band's great events from this past semester at the bottom of the page! Hover over the picture with your cursor to get a description of the photo.

For more information about the band, including news, upcoming events, and media please go to our Facebook page, with this link:

**You do NOT need to have a Facebook page in order to access the band Facebook page, it will work just like any other webpage!**