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‘Readers become leaders’: Community program donates new books to NVMI

SUN VALLEY, Calif. - North Valley Military Institute recently received a generous donation of new books from The Assistance League of Flintridge (ALF). The ALF is a part of the nationwide Assistance League organization, made up of dedicated and supportive women who are committed to transforming the lives of children and adults through community programs. 

“ALF is a fun and rewarding organization that truly does make a difference,” said Faye Pengra, an ALF member since 2018. 

ALF has various philanthropic program committees that carry out this vision and mission, said Pengra. One such program is the summer school program in La Canada, which ALF coordinates and runs. They also support the Instrumental Music program and the local drama production. Operation School Bell provides school supplies to children in need, and Assisteens promotes high school student involvement in philanthropic activities.

The committee responsible for the Literary Month donation, Alfies in Action, researches organizations or schools that have needs that they can assist with. This year, they selected North Valley Military Institute to be the recipient of their donation. After doing some research and presenting the school to their committee, they voted to donate $3,000 worth of books to the school.


NVMI has received the donation of books and is currently categorizing and putting them into the library system. The membership of ALF also donated over $750 from their own pockets, while the high school student service group auxiliary, Assisteens, matched the donation with another $3,000 from their philanthropic funds.


“Thank you so much for making this library possible for our students,” said Robert Wherley, Reading Specialist for NVMI, upon receiving the book donation. 


“Rewarding is one word to describe the feeling of supporting this cause,” said Pengra. “And what does that word mean? For me, it is empowering when it is so successful, and humbling to know that if it weren't for us all working together, this couldn't be as successful or even happen. It was some work, but it seems to me that good outcomes always require effort. And like Zak [Lara] stated, ‘Readers become Leaders’! So NVMI, rewarding means that for a while, you light up my life. I hope we have done some of that for you too!”


ALF members work tirelessly to meet essential needs and transform lives through their various philanthropic programs. If you are interested in becoming a part of their organization, visit the ALF website at