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Community Schools supports students, families

By Jennifer Brofer

When NVMI students and families need assistance or access to services, they can turn to the Community Schools program. 

“The community schools program is a child-centered and family-focused initiative that aims to provide NVMI students and families with the upfront supports and services they need to maximize their chances of living healthy lives,” said Yadira Sanchez, Community Schools Manager, who added that the program provides assistance with the following services: mental health, housing, immigration, medical, meals, clothing and technology. 

“NVMI has always strived to support families in every way possible,” said Dr. Mark Ryan, Superintendent for NVMI. “The Community Schools Grant we received has allowed us to hire an INCREDIBLE coordinator, Yadira Sanchez, who is managing a vast array of services for families - a weekly food bank, access to housing services, medical, dental, and optometric services, immigration support, parenting classes, and much more. Our families know how much we care for them, and this program and funding are allowing us to do even more to support the amazing NVMI community.” 

As part of the program, Community Services initiated weekly in-person workshops for parents called Parent Academy. The workshops, designed to educate parents on what it takes for their students to be successful, take place every Tuesday from 6:30-8pm at HOPE Fellowship Church, said Sanchez. 

Community Schools also has its very own food pantry at the HOPE Fellowship Church, which will allow local families to pick up food items free of charge, said Sanchez.

“We believe that healthy bodies and minds directly impact a positive learning environment, thus helping keep our students healthy and in the classroom where they belong,” said Sanchez. “Our goal is to connect vulnerable families with community-based resources to ensure that our NVMI community achieves the physical, emotional, and social health needed to be successful.” 

To get involved or request information on Community Schools, contact Yadira Sanchez at (818) 439-0338 /