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UC Davis grad credits NVMI for success

By Jennifer Brofer

UC Davis Graduation

Vianey Jimenez, a 2018 alumnus of NVMI, recently graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development. Having attended NVMI from 2015-2018, Jimenez said her participation in NVMI’s Early College Program helped prepare her for her collegiate studies. 

“The Early College Program is a valuable resource that helps students like myself better prepare for college,” said Jimenez, who graduated from NVMI as a Cadet Captain. “By the time I arrived to UC Davis, my lower division English requirement was fulfilled. I also learned how to construct a cover letter and resume which helped me land an internship during my freshman year.” 


While an NVMI cadet, Jimenez was actively involved in athletics, playing volleyball,  soccer and lacrosse. She was also part of the first group of female cadets to go through the Reconnaissance and Commando (RECONDO) Course at summer camp in 2017, a 10-day leadership education course meant to test cadets’ physical and mental capabilities outside of the classroom. 
Cadet in UniformCadets in group photo

“I distinctly recall conducting recon and surveillance with my team on a hot day,” said Jimenez. “We walked approximately 100 miles on foot and carried 35+ pounds daily. Nonetheless, I will always be grateful for the laughs, struggles, and early mornings while at summer camp. Overall, my favorite part was gaining new knowledge and life skills from an outstanding educator and mentor, Sergeant [Zak] Lara.” 

“Vianey was like my ‘right-hand woman’ when she was at NVMI,” said Lara, who served as officer in charge of the RECONDO Unit in 2017. “She was a part of Bravo Company, and whether she was having a good day or bad day, if I asked her to complete a task she would ensure it got done.” 

“She was an outstanding student,” added John Martin, an NVMI teacher who had Jimenez as a student in his World History class. “She was a great cadet, great student, and outstanding leader.” 

Jimenez, who immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico at age three, said NVMI helped boost her confidence and learn to overcome obstacles. 

“NVMI prepared me to take on challenges that felt outside of my comfort zone. I moved 350 miles away from home, and learned how to thrive independently while at college,” said Jimenez. “NVMI also taught me how to be confident in myself and actions. I learned how to approach difficult circumstances in a strong and confident manner. I also felt more confident in my ability to lead team projects

throughout college.” 

While Jimenez originally majored in Genetics and Genomics at UC Davis, a psychology class sparked her interest in human behavior and anatomy, which inspired her to switch her area of study and ultimately focus on child development. Jimenez now uses her college degree to work in a laboratory with young children, all while running her own clothing business in a city she now calls “home.” 

“I would like to give a shout out to everyone if I could!” said Jimenez. “I am grateful for every encounter and piece of advice I received from all educators, coaches, and counselors during my time at NVMI. Each and every person helped guide my success in life. They pushed me to strive beyond what I knew I was capable of.”
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