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NVMI participates in the “Great Shakeout” drill

Posted Date: 11/03/2021

NVMI participates in the “Great Shakeout” drill


NORTH VALLEY MILITARY INSTITUTE -Students at NVMIl participated in the "Great Shakeout” drill to practice for future earthquakes on October 21, at 10:21 a.m. 


On the date mentioned, students of NVMI went through an event called the" Great Shakeout” in which students pretend a huge earthquake struck the school, and follow through the process of what would happen if an actual earthquake happened. Students also pretended to be injured or deceased, then transported to four different tents on the blacktop depending on their condition.  


“I will be doing search and rescue, meaning I will be going to the classroom to look for survivors and dead people,” said Kelsie Gonzalez. Gonzalez is a C.E.R.T member, which are students that will be moving casualties and injured people into one of the tents, located near the bleachers.


Depending on their injured state, students were moved into one of the four tents: green signifying light injuries, yellow being more serious, red is life threatening, and black is for the deceased. 


“I hope cadets will follow through with the instructions,” Gonzalez said. She said that it's not good for kids to talk during these events because it disrupts communication with staff members, along with reducing panic. According to Gonzalez, the whole reason we practice these drills would be so when the real thing happens, people will know what to do rather than freak out in confusion, which can be dangerous to themselves and people around them.  


After the drill, students had the choice to either stay in school or go home, then school resumed back to normal classes.

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