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Freckle Fridays

Posted Date: 09/27/2021

Freckle Fridays

Every Friday in math and English, all students will be completing online exercises to improve their English and math test scores. The program we are using – Freckle – uses the results from baseline tests all students took during the first week of school. Freckle identifies which skills students
were not able to do for the test and helps them with skills lessons and practice to improve those skills. Teachers will be sharing information with families about student math and English scores through numbers known as Lexile and Quantile scores. Students can log into their Freckle accounts and show their parents their Lexile (reading level) and Quantile (math level) scores. Here is a chart of NVMI Grade Level goals for each of those:

6                                   1000                                  725
7                                   1050                                  800
8                                   1100                                  875
9                                   1150                                  950
10                                 1200                                1100
11                                 1250                                1160
12                                 1300                                1250

Ask your child’s math or English teacher if you have questions about this, and our efforts to improve those scores through Freckle.

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