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Chromebook Reminders

Posted Date: 11/01/2021

Chromebook Reminders

CHROMEBOOKS – Some important reminders about Chromebooks:

  1. Every student must bring theirs FULLY CHARGED each school day. That means you must charge it every night before you go to bed, so it is fully charged when you put it in your backpack in the morning.
  2. Bring it in your backpack. Have a place for your backpack so you do not forget it and be sure to have a note reminding yourself to charge the Chromebook each evening and pack it in your backpack before you leave home each morning.
  3. Put it into the padded sleeve inside the backpack to protect it.
  4. If you forget it, we will loan you one, but you are expected to return it before leaving campus that day. If you forget, you will earn permanent demerits.
  5. If you continually “forget” your Chromebook, we will have a parent meeting to discuss and correct this problem.
  6. You may NOT bring your own devices to school. NVMI has special software to control the things you are allowed to do on the device, and we cannot do that with your own devices. Teachers will not allow you to use personal devices in class.
  7. When you come to school, your backpack and the Chromebook are items which will be inspected. Failure to have them means you will earn permanent demerits.
  8. You will place your backpacks on pre-assigned hooks during AM and PM formation, and on similar hooks during PE, intramurals, and interscholastic athletics.
  9. You will be expected to keep your backpack with you throughout the day. It is your responsibility. When you go to the restroom during class, you will leave your Chromebook with the teacher and take your backpack with you to ensure no one messes with your backpack or Chromebook while you are out of the classroom.
  10. Treat the Chromebook with care. Do not slam the backpack down, step on it, etc. Do not eat or drink around the Chromebook.

HOTSPOTS – Each cadet has been provided a free hotspot with free internet access.

For any technical support, email

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