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Please Get Vaccinated

Posted Date: 11/01/2021

Please Get Vaccinated


Dear cadets and parents and staff;

I realize some of you will be offended or angry at me for sending this email but I have a moral obligation to speak out about this life and death matter. I want to encourage everyone who is aged 12 and up to get vaccinated if you have not yet done so. We all know people who have been affected by this terrible disease. And I want to thank everyone who has gotten the vaccine. 

But I also know there is a lot of inaccurate information about the vaccine that has caused many people to doubt whether it is necessary and safe. There are even people saying the government is trying to use the vaccine to implant chips to track us. I’ve got news for you who believe that - everyone’s smart phone already does that!

As someone who cares deeply about every member of the NVMI family, I beg you to listen to the science, and not listen to the people who are spreading inaccurate information. 

The fact is the COVID vaccine saves lives. It helps protect you and the people around you. The latest Delta variant has caused a dramatic increase in cases and hospitalizations and deaths. But - the absolute fact is that people who have been vaccinated are not the people dying. It is the people who are not vaccinated that are dying. The vaccine doesn’t mean you are 100% protected; but it absolutely means you are dramatically less likely to get seriously ill, hospitalized, or die.  No vaccine is 100% effective, but choosing not to be vaccinated if you are eligible is an irresponsible decision that can hurt you and hurt or kill others. 

PLEASE trust me and get vaccinated if you are old enough and have not yet done so. NVMI will host another popup vaccination site soon. Stay tuned for more info about vaccinations available at NVMI. Far too many of our friends and family members have died and/or become terribly ill because of this plague. PLEASE GET VACCINATED if you are old enough and have no medical or religious reason not to be. If you would like to talk to me about this, please call my cell at 323-217-4481. 

Dr. Ryan

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