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Military Veterans: Please Support NVMI

Posted Date: 07/25/2021

Military Veterans: Please Support NVMI

NVMI has ten different ways current and prior servicemembers can support the Academy's worthwhile mission:


1) The NVMI Board of Trustees meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday at 1600 on the NVMI campus. They are always looking for retired senior and flag/general officers willing to serve on that board.

2) Because all cadets wear a uniform to school every day, NVMI provides each cadet with a complete set of uniforms valued at more than $1000 per cadet.  The tax dollars NVMI receives pay for the teaching staff and other basic needs, but uniforms and accouterments are not covered. NVMI would be very appreciative of any donations to support their effort (all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law). 

3) NVMI has many cadets enrolled in ROTC programs nationwide and the federal service academies.  Those former NVMI cadets generally cannot afford to travel back and forth from home for holidays, and if any current or retired servicemembers have frequent flyer miles they could donate to these cadets, you would be making a meaningful difference in their lives.

4) A fund raising Veterans golf tournament will take place Friday 129 November at Brookside Golf Course in Pasadena next to the Rose Bowl. All are welcome.

5) NVMI sponsors a Veterans Day Fun Run and Military Band Concert on Saturday, 12 November in Sylmar. NVMI welcomes participants in the Fun Run and spectators for the concert.

6) Would you be willing to participate in an oral military history project? NVMI cadets collect those histories for their study of American military history. They are also always looking for veterans to speak to history classes.

7) All current and retired servicemembers are welcome at any of the Academy's Pass in Review ceremonies as part of the Reviewing Party. The 2021-2022 Pass in Reviews occur at 1130 hours on the following days: Saturday 14 August 2021 (graduation for the incoming recruits), Wednesday 22 September (entrance of new recruits into military companies), Wednesday 10 November (In Celebration of Veterans Day), Thursday 17 February (Cadet Achievement Awards), and Thursday 26 May (Senior Military Ceremony, Cadet Change of Command, and in honor of Memorial Day).  

8) NVMI is always looking for volunteers to help in classrooms, coach sports teams, chaperon field trips, provide academic tutoring, and more.

9) NVMI is always looking for items that could be used in a silent auction.  

10) Please consider NVMI in your estate planning.


For information about any of these opportunities to support NVMI, please email Dr. Mark Ryan, NVMI Superintendent at or you can always call or text him at 323-217-4481.

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