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Enrollment Info

Welcome to NVMI Enrollment


Why Choose NVMI?

North Valley Military Institute College Preparatory Academy is a Free Public Charter School serving students in grade 6-12 in the greater Los Angeles, CA area. We utilize the structure and discipline of a military model to provide an environment with predictable standards and high expectations, preparing students (cadets) as responsive citizens and lifelong learners.

Our motto, PER ARDUA AD ASTRA is Latin for "Through Adversity to the Stars." NVMI is the embodiment of helping the wonderful young people we serve reach for the stars.


Enrollment Process

Step 1: Complete and Submit the Form Below

NOTE: Though you must have an email address to submit the Pre-Enrollment Form, DO NOT LET THE LACK OF AN EMAIL ADDRESS BE A DETERRENT to enrollment. NMVI will gladly help you obtain a free email address and complete the enrollment process without any difficulty. Please contact the NVMI Main Office at 818-368-1557 or visit the NVMI Main Office on the Sun Valley HS Campus, 12105 Allegheny Street (Enter through the back gate on Allegheny and follow signs to the NVMI office.


Step 2: Schedule your Interview & Review the NVMI Presentation & Slideshow ^

Notes From Our Staff

  • The purpose of this interview is for you to learn about NVMI and make sure NVMI is the right place for you and your child.

  • NVMI is committed to serve ANY AND ALL students who want to take advantage of the academic program, military structure, leadership development, citizenship promotion, and athletics activities we offer.

  • We know that a military school is not the right place for every child. The interview is NOT for NVMI to decide if a family/child are a good fit; rather the interview is an important chance for the family to see NVMI and make sure the family decides NVMI is a potentially good fit.

Enrollment Presentation & Slideshow

Interview Expectations

  1. Check your email. We sent you a link to schedule your interview with your pre enrollment confirmation. Interviews are by Appointment only.

  2. Each applicant and a parent are required to participate in an interview with NVMI’s Enrollment Officers, Mr. Joel Vazquez (Spanish) & Mrs. Kay Deitch (English).

  3. After your interview you and your child will be scheduled for an in-person school tour with Enrollment Officer Joel Vazquez.


Step 3: Enroll @ NVMI and Turn in All Support Documents ^

Turn In Supporting Documents

Submitting the documents listed below indicates your intention to enroll at NVMI and attend Entrance Camp. NVMI is committed to supporting your student’s successful completion of Entrance Camp and ongoing academic achievement. These documents provide important information for our staff to prepare all appropriate supports to assist your student’s transition to our unique program. Documents may be submitted at any time prior to the Entrance Camp Orientation. However, we recommend that you submit them immediately following your interview or decision to enroll.

*Note that none of these documents is required prior to a decision to enroll.

  1. Current Immunization Records (copy) students entering grades 7-12 must show proof of the pertussis booster vaccine (Tdap) before attending any public school

  2. Birth Certificate (copy)

  3. Un-Official Transcript – required for students entering grades 10-12 so that we can properly place your child in academic classes.

  4. Report Cards (from the previous school year end of the year)

  5. IEP/504 (special education) – Most current complete with any current changes – REQUIRED if applicable. PLEASE NOTE: NVMI serves a very large special education population and we are very happy to do so. We know that the military structure of the school appeals to many families of special needs students, and we happily serve those students, but we need accurate information about your child's special education needs so we can be sure our program effectively meets those needs.

  6. Signed AUTHORIZATION FOR REQUEST FOR RECORDS (to be completed at interview)

Complete and Submit the Aeries Online Enrollment

Aeries Online Enrollment allows a Parent to quickly start the process of enrolling a Student for School. Information about the Student such as emergency contacts, medical and language information is collected. Upon completion, the Student's information is available to be imported into the School.

This link will be provided to you after your enrollment Interview.

Click Here to View Aeries Online Enrollment Instructions

Step 4: Attend Entrance Camp Orientation ^

Summer Entrance Camp Orientation #3
Date: August 18th     
Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Step 5: Successfully complete Entrance Camp. ^

*Note that Entrance Camp is conducted before and after school and on Saturdays.

Watch the videos below for Entrance Camp tips. Good Luck!



You are all set! Welcome to the North Valley Military Institute College Preparatory Academy!

Notice of Non-Discrimination Policy - The North Valley Military Institute is non-sectarian in its programs, admission policies, employment practices, and all other operations; does not charge tuition; and does not discriminate on the basis of the characteristics listed in the Education Code Section 220 (actual or perceived disability, gender, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or any other characteristics that is contained in the definition of hate crimes set forth in Section 422.55 of the Penal Code of association with an individual who has any of the aforementioned characteristics or anyone in any protected class as defined by the State of California or United States of America.

Want to speak with us?

Email: | Kay Deitch (English): 747-400-7391 | Joel Vazquez (Spanish): | Main Office: 818-368-1557 ext