Summer School Information (WITH ROSTER)




QUESTION: How do I know if I have to go to Summer School?


ANSWER: The following list shows NVMI student ID numbers of those who must attend summer school. Summer School starts for everyone (Middle School Group 1, Middle School Group 2  and High School - all EXCEPT MIDDLE SCHOOL ROBOTICS) on JUNE 4 at 8AM. Middle School Robotics starts June 11 at 8AM.

IDSummer School Group
11027High School
11053High School
11078High School
11167High School
11173High School
11177High School
11182High School
11189High School
11198High School
11617High School
11627High School
11634High School
11637High School
11645High School
11664High School
11674High School
11677High School
11748High School
11753High School
11766High School
11775High School
11780High School
11792High School
11794High School
11804High School
11816High School
11831High School
11834High School
11873High School
11877High School
11886High School
11945High School
11949High School
11963High School
12013Middle School Robotics
12018High School
12045Middle School Robotics
12052Middle School Robotics
12057High School
12071High School
12084High School
12105Middle School Group 2
12120Middle School Group 1
12134High School
12159High School
12177Middle School Group 2
12196High School
12202High School
12203Middle School Robotics
12217Middle School Group 2
12233Middle School Robotics
12234Middle School Robotics
12236High School
12247High School
12251High School
12258Middle School Group 1
12264High School
12268High School
12282Middle School Group 2
12304Middle School Group 1
12360High School
12378High School
12383High School
12410High School
12411Middle School Group 2
12412High School
12424High School
12429High School
12430Middle School Group 1
12438High School
12451High School
12459High School
12493High School
12495Middle School Group 1
12509Middle School Robotics
12523Middle School Group 2
12524Middle School Group 2
12529Middle School Group 2
12545Middle School Group 2
12568High School
12569High School
12593High School
12596High School
12601Middle School Group 1
12617Middle School Group 1
12630Middle School Group 2
12635High School
12640High School
12643Middle School Group 2
12644Middle School Group 2
12651Middle School Group 2
12663Middle School Robotics
12665Middle School Group 1
12676High School
12682Middle School Group 2
12695Middle School Robotics
12704High School
12705Middle School Group 1
12707High School
12710High School
12718Middle School Group 1
12722Middle School Group 2
12729High School
12733Middle School Group 2
12750Middle School Robotics
12752Middle School Group 2
12759Middle School Group 1
12768Middle School Robotics
12776High School
12779High School
12787Middle School Group 2
12788Middle School Group 1
12790Middle School Robotics
12797High School
12814High School
12817High School
12822High School
12826Middle School Robotics
12829Middle School Group 1
12852High School
12861Middle School Group 1
12869Middle School Group 1
12884Middle School Group 2
12885High School
12897High School
12901Middle School Group 1
12909Middle School Group 1
12917High School
12927Middle School Group 2
12931Middle School Group 1
12937High School
12939Middle School Group 1
12942Middle School Robotics
12945Middle School Group 2
12946Middle School Robotics
12951Middle School Robotics
12952Middle School Robotics
12954Middle School Group 2
12957Middle School Robotics
12959Middle School Group 1
12962Middle School Group 1
12964High School
12966High School
12967High School
12968Middle School Robotics
12969Middle School Group 2
12973Middle School Robotics
12975Middle School Robotics
12978Middle School Group 2
12979Middle School Robotics
12984Middle School Group 1
12986High School
12991High School
12993Middle School Robotics
12998Middle School Group 1
13003Middle School Group 1
13006High School
13011Middle School Group 1
13012Middle School Group 1
13013Middle School Robotics
13014Middle School Group 1
13016Middle School Group 2
13025Middle School Robotics
13026Middle School Robotics
13028Middle School Group 1
13032Middle School Group 2
13033Middle School Group 1
13035Middle School Group 1
13036Middle School Group 2
13038Middle School Group 1
13040Middle School Group 2
13041Middle School Robotics
13052Middle School Group 1
13054Middle School Group 2
13055Middle School Group 1
13056Middle School Group 1
13059Middle School Robotics
13060Middle School Group 2
13070Middle School Group 2
13079Middle School Group 1
13080Middle School Robotics
13090Middle School Group 1
13093High School
13101Middle School Robotics
13103Middle School Group 2
13104Middle School Robotics
13109Middle School Robotics
13111Middle School Group 1
13114High School
13124High School
13128Middle School Group 1
13132Middle School Group 2
13134Middle School Robotics
13138Middle School Robotics
13140Middle School Group 1
13143Middle School Robotics
13145Middle School Group 2
13146High School
13148High School
13154High School
13155Middle School Group 1
13156High School
13162Middle School Group 2
13164High School
13166High School
13168Middle School Group 1
13169High School
13171High School
13176Middle School Group 2
13178Middle School Robotics
13180Middle School Group 1
13184High School
13191High School
13192High School
13195High School
13201Middle School Group 1
13203Middle School Group 1
13204Middle School Group 1
13208Middle School Group 2
13217Middle School Robotics
13221Middle School Group 2
13225High School
13226Middle School Group 2
13228High School
13230Middle School Group 2
13231Middle School Group 1
13236Middle School Group 2
13237High School
13238Middle School Robotics
13240High School
13241Middle School Group 2
13244Middle School Robotics
13245High School
13246Middle School Robotics
13247High School
13250Middle School Robotics



QUESTION: When is summer school?


ANSWER: If you find your student ID number on the list for summer school, it will have one of several different codes next to it; each code means something different:


            MIDDLE SCHOOL ROBOTICS – You are a middle schooler who failed multiple classes and you have been assigned to our special ROBOTICS program that will meet from 8AM – 4PM Monday through Friday June 11 through July 13. You must attend all ALL TWO HUNDRED HOURS of the  robotics course to make up all of your failing grades.


            MIDDLE SCHOOL GROUP ONE – You failed one or two classes and must attend summer school every day from 8AM - 12NOON June 4 through July 27.


            MIDDLE SCHOOL GROUP TWO OR HIGH SCHOOL – You failed three or more middle school classes or one or more high school classes and must attend summer school every day from 8AM – 12 NOON June 4 through July 6  and then all day from 8AM – 4PM July 9 through July 27.


QUESTION: Do I really have to pay for Summer School?


ANSWER: You do not have to attend NVMIs’ summer school. You are welcome to enroll in any free ACCREDITED summer school programs elsewhere.  Just be sure you have communicated your plan to Dr. Ryan before you enroll there so we can be sure you are taking the correct course(s). BUT, if you choose to enroll at NVMI’s Summer Program, it costs $50 per middle school class and $100 per high school class. The Robotics class costs $150. These fees pay for the online program fees and for the teacher support you receive during Summer School.  NVMI does not make any profit off of summer school, but our budget will not allow us to offer these optional programs free of charge. Only cash or credit/debit card are accepted in the main office. Monies (or a work schedule as described below) are due before you begin classes. Note that Special Education students do not have to pay for summer school if summer school is included in their IEP.


QUESTION: What if I can’t afford it?


ANSWER: You can choose to work for the cost of summer school instead of paying cash. Students earn $5 per hour and parent earn $10 per hour for their service. Arrange a work schedule with Dr. Ryan directly to pay for summer school in work hours instead of cash. You will be helping with various tasks, including cleaning desks, preparing textbooks for re-issue, organizing offices and the library and book room, etc.



QUESTION: What is the uniform for summer school?


ANSWER: Complete, proper PT uniform, with blackshoes, white socks, black shorts, black NVMI pants, red NVMI t-shirt, NVMI PT jacket (and adherence to hair and grooming standards, including haircut, no jewelry, makeup, etc).



QUESTION: Where will the bus pick us up?


ANSWER: There is NO BUS TRANSPORTATION provided for summer school.



QUESTION: What about breakfast and lunch and snack?


ANSWER: Lunch will only be provided July 9-27 only.  We are not able to provide breakfast or lunch or snack at any other time.



QUESTION: What room will I be in and who will be my teacher?


ANSWER: You will find out this information the day you report for summer school.



QUESTION: What school supplies should I bring?


ANSWER: Notebook paper and pen/pencil.



QUESTION: Can I get demerits during Summer School?


ANSWER: Yes, and if you earn more than five demerits you can be dismissed from Summer School. Those demerits are only for summer school and don’t count as part of the regular school year.



QUESTION: What happens if I don’t go to summer school or am absent or tardy too much?


ANSWER: You will have to repeat the grade you are currently in.



QUESTION: What if I still have questions? Who should I call?


ANSWER: Call Dr. Ryan on his cell phone at 323-217-4481 or send him an email at  @uperintendent 81 or email me ayy questions about Renee, please do not hesitate to call me at 323-217-4481 or email me at


PREGUNTA: ¿Cómo sé si tengo que ir a la escuela de verano?

RESPUESTA: Una lista de cinco dígitos ID de estudiante de NVMI de todos los que deben asistir a la escuela de verano se publica en el sitio web de NVMI en ANUNCIOS - Summer School 2018 a partir del martes, 29 de mayo.

PREGUNTA: ¿Cuándo es la escuela de verano?

RESPUESTA: Si encuentra su número de identificación de estudiante en la lista para la escuela de verano, tendrá uno de TRES códigos diferentes al lado; cada código significa algo diferente:

ROBÓTICA - Usted es un estudiante de escuela intermedia que falló varias clases y ha sido asignado a nuestro programa especial ROBOTICS que se reunirá de 8AM a 4PM de lunes a viernes 11 de junio hasta el 13 de julio. Debe asistir a TODAS LAS DOSCIENTAS HORAS del curso de robótica para compone todas tus notas reprobadas.

REGULAR - Falló en una o dos clases y debe asistir a la escuela de verano todos los días de 8AM a 12NOON desde el 4 de junio hasta el 27 de julio.

EXTRA: fallaste tres o más clases y debes asistir a la escuela de verano todos los días de 8AM a 12 del mediodía del 4 de junio al 6 de julio y luego todo el día de 8AM a 4PM del 9 de julio al 27 de julio.

PREGUNTA: ¿Realmente tengo que pagar por la Escuela de Verano?

RESPUESTA: No tiene que asistir a la escuela de verano de NVMI. Le invitamos a inscribirse en cualquier programa de escuela de verano ACREDITADO gratuito en otro lugar. Solo asegúrate de haber comunicado tu plan al Dr. Ryan antes de inscribirte allí para que podamos estar seguros de que estás tomando los cursos correctos. PERO, si decide inscribirse en el Programa de verano de NVMI, cuesta $ 50 por clase de escuela intermedia y $ 100 por clase de escuela secundaria. La clase de Robótica cuesta $ 150. Estas tarifas pagan las tarifas del programa en línea y el apoyo del maestro que recibe durante la Escuela de Verano. NVMI no obtiene ningún beneficio de la escuela de verano, pero nuestro presupuesto no nos permitirá ofrecer estos programas opcionales sin cargo. Solo se aceptan efectivo o tarjeta de crédito / débito en la oficina principal. El dinero (o un horario de trabajo como se describe a continuación) vence antes de comenzar las clases. Tenga en cuenta que los estudiantes de Educación Especial no tienen que pagar por la escuela de verano si la escuela de verano está incluida en su IEP.

PREGUNTA: ¿Qué pasa si no puedo pagarlo?

RESPUESTA: Puede elegir trabajar por el costo de la escuela de verano en lugar de pagar en efectivo. Los estudiantes ganan $ 5 por hora y los padres ganan $ 10 por hora por su servicio. Organice un horario de trabajo con el Dr. Ryan directamente para pagar la escuela de verano en horas de trabajo en lugar de dinero en efectivo. Ayudarás con varias tareas, como limpiar escritorios, preparar libros de texto para volver a publicar, organizar oficinas y la biblioteca y la sala de libros, etc.

PREGUNTA: ¿Cuál es el uniforme para la escuela de verano?

RESPUESTA: Uniforme PT completo y completo, con blackshoes, calcetines blancos, shorts negros, pantalones NVMI negros, camiseta roja NVMI, chaqueta NVMI PT (y cumplimiento con los estándares de peluquería y arreglo personal, incluido corte de pelo, sin joyas, maquillaje, etc.).

PREGUNTA: ¿Dónde nos recogerá el autobús?

RESPUESTA: No hay TRANSPORTE DE AUTOBÚS provisto para la escuela de verano.

PREGUNTA: ¿Y el desayuno, el almuerzo y el refrigerio?

RESPUESTA: El almuerzo solo se ofrecerá del 9 al 27 de julio solamente. No podemos proporcionar el desayuno, el almuerzo o el refrigerio en ningún otro momento.

PREGUNTA: ¿En qué habitación estaré y quién será mi maestro?

RESPUESTA: Descubrirá esta información el día que se presente para la escuela de verano.

PREGUNTA: ¿Qué útiles escolares debo llevar?

RESPUESTA: Papel de cuaderno y bolígrafo / lápiz.

PREGUNTA: ¿Puedo obtener deméritos durante la Escuela de Verano?

RESPUESTA: Sí, y si gana más de cinco deméritos puede ser expulsado de la Escuela de Verano. Esos deméritos son solo para la escuela de verano y no cuentan como parte del año escolar regular.

PREGUNTA: ¿Qué sucede si no voy a la escuela de verano o si estoy ausente o llego tarde demasiado?

RESPUESTA: Deberá repetir la calificación en la que se encuentra actualmente.

PREGUNTA: ¿Qué pasa si todavía tengo preguntas? ¿A quién debo llamar?

RESPUESTA: Llame al Dr. Ryan en su teléfono celular al 323-217-4481 o envíele un correo electrónico a

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