Statement about Castro MS Shooting

As some of you have heard, there was another sad school shooting today, this time in Los Angeles at Castro Middle School.  These terrible incidents cause us all to reflect on their causes and solutions to them.

No one wants such a terrible act of violence to happen anywhere, and we all must proactively help.  Here are some things for us all to do:


1) If you know someone who is sad or angry or needs help, or if you are feeling that way yourself, please be sure you notify an adult.  Everyone has my cell phone number - 323-217-4481.  Text me so I can be sure they or you get help.  You can text me 24 hours a day if you need me. If you don't want to communicate with me, please find some other adult to whom you feel comfortable reporting your concern.

2) If you see or hear of someone making threats, say something right away.  Don't joke about such things.  And if someone says something threatening, take it seriously and notify an adult immediately.  Everyone has my cell phone number - 323-217-4481.  Text me so I can take action.




1) Please talk to your child about the two things I said above.

2) Call or text me if you as a parent would like to report anything of concern. Everyone has my cell phone number - 323-217-4481.  Text or call or email me so I can take action.



1) If a student or parent ever report any concerns, please be sure you take that information immediately to an administrator. 

2) If you ever have a concern about the well being of a student, please take that information to an administrator immediately. 

My hope is that every student and staff member and visitor to this campus feels safe and welcome, and knows that there are caring people here who can and will help when needed. 

Per Adrua Ad Astra!

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