NVMI Band Performs for LA Opera Simulcast of Don Carlo with Placido Domingo

The amazing NVMI band has an ensemble play for the LA Opera simulcast of Don Carlo with Pacido Domingo. Here is the text of an email received from the LA Opera.

Dear Dr. Ryan and TSG Carganilla,
I, and the rest of the EduCom team, would like to thank you, your students, and the North Valley Military Institute for making our September 19th Simulcast of Don Carlo so wonderful! We have had such an overwhelming response and appreciation for your gifts in collaborating with us, and I hope I can express to you how grateful we are for your participation and effort in making this event happen as successfully as it did. The outpouring of love from the community regarding your students’ performance is rivaled by our own here at LA Opera!
Your students were so well prepared, polite, and thoughtful! We were all awestruck by how composed and skillful they were as performers and how professionally they presented themselves, which just served to illustrate what a wonderful presence your institution has in their lives and growth. We are so thankful to you for all you did for us, for all you do and have done for our communities, and for all you do for your students!
Thank you again, and I am very excited to see you and your students again for Soldier Songs on Friday, October 12th!
Andrea Fuentes
Associate Director for Programming, Education and Community Engagement
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