Proposition 39 Application Submitted before November 1 Statutory Deadline


[SUN VALLEY, CA, October 30, 2019] — The North Valley Military Institute Superintendent, Dr. Mark P. Ryan, has submitted the school’s application to the Los Angeles Unified School District for 2020-2021 school year facilities under Proposition 39, a voter-approved 2000 law that serves to ensure "that public school facilities should be shared fairly among all public school pupils, including those in charter schools." Prop. 39 requires school districts to make "reasonably equivalent" facilities available to charter schools upon request. The application (which was due by November 1, and of which LA Unified has confirmed receipt) will ensure that NVMI is offered space sufficient to conduct its unique academic, military/leadership, citizenship, and athletic programs during the coming school year.

            There was concern from some NVMI parents and community members that LAUSD’s plan to open a Center for Enriched Studies on the Sun Valley High School campus would result in the displacement or closure of NVMI due to a lack of facilities, but the timely submission of the Prop. 39 application means that the law now requires LAUSD to make an offer of sufficient space somewhere on LAUSD property for the coming school year within the provisions of the law. By law, LAUSD may also not move NVMI unnecessarily.

            The District will make a preliminary offer of space by February 1, and a final offer by May 1 and NVMI will continue its operations into the 2020-2021 academic year in available LAUSD space. Kay Deitch, NVMI Volunteer Parent Coordinator notes that, “while the Prop 39 process is cumbersome, we are thankful that LAUSD continues to work with us to ensure that NVMI students, who are LAUSD students, receive fair access to reasonably equivalent facilities, and we look forward to continuing to serve our community in Sun Valley during the 2020-2021 school year.”


ABOUT NORTH VALLEY MILITARY INSTITUTE: The North Valley Military Institute College Preparatory Academy (NVMI) is a free public charter school authorized by the Los Angeles County Board of Education serving about 700 students in grades 6-12. NVMI promotes excellence in its four pillars of ACADEMICS, LEADERSHIP, CITIZENSHIP and ATHLETICS by providing a rigorous program that supports the academic, socio-emotional, leadership, and physical development of cadets, many of whom have been unsuccessful in other school settings, with the mission of helping them gain entry to two- and four-year colleges and universities as LEADERS OF CHARACTER.




If you would like more information about this topic, please call Dr. Mark P. Ryan, Superintendent at cellular 323-217-4481 or contact him via email at



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