High School Bivouac at Vandenburg Air Force Base February 8-10, 2019

  1. GENERAL: The High School Bivouac will be held at Vandenburg Air Force Base on the weekend of 08-10 February 2019.
    1. Each cadet will pay $35 cash or 350 merits to pay for foodstuffs for the weekend.  
    2. b.      The strict deadline for all permission slips and money is 25 January 2019.   
    3. Copies of the NVMI Permission Slip and Form 203 are provided as attachments to this document and must be included with payment.
    4. Slips and payment must be turned in to the Hawk Exchange before school ONLY.
    5. DISCIPLINE: Minor disciplinary infractions will be taken care of using standard operating procedures. Major infractions will result in an immediate phone call to a parent, who will be required to come and pick up their child.

 TRAINING:   Training units will be:

    1. 9th Grade – CERT practical Application
    2. 10th Grade – Survival Training
    3. 11th Grade – Mountaineering Training
    4. 12th Grade – Advanced Applied Leadership

 SCHEDULE:   Buses will depart NVMI at 1200 on Friday, 8 February 2019.  Departure from the site is anticipated to be approximately 1200 hours on Sunday, 10 February 2019 with return to school approximately 1600 Sunday. 

 FOOD SERVICE. Cadets will be assigned to squads of 8 who will be provided foodstuffs for the weekend.  Squads will prepare their own food using stoves and utensils being provided by the brigade.  Please notify the Brigade HQ when you submit your permission slip of any special dietary restrictions.  Dinner Friday, three meals Saturday, and a morning and noon meal Sunday will be provided.

BILLETING: Cadets in squads of 8 (of the same gender) will be housed in 8 person tents.

STANDARD UNIFORM.  All cadets participating in the Bivouac must wear the Class C Cadet Uniform, as outlined in the planner and available from the Hawk Exchange. 

 PARENT CONTACT:  Parents are reminded NOT to call cadets while on the bivouac.  In an emergency, parents may phone 323-217-4481, Dr. Ryan’s cell phone, and leave a message.  Messages will be checked twice per day in the morning and evening. 

 PROHIBITED ITEMS:  The following items may NOT be brought to bivouac: knives, firearms, weapons of any kind, explosives, cell phones, radios, CD/DVD players, electronic devices of any kind, televisions, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.  In general, anything not permitted at school is not permitted at the Bivouac. 

 SUPPLY LIST:  Cadets should bring the following items: Cadet Class C Uniform, three changes of undergarments, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, other necessary personal hygiene items, three pair of clean socks, sturdy boots or shoes, sun block, baby wipes (as there are minimal restroom facilities), a flashlight with extra batteries, a warm jacket or sweatshirt and tennis shoes.  Cadets must also bring either a sleeping bag or “bedroll” consisting of a blanket, sheet, and pillow.

MEDICATION AND FIRST AID:  If a cadet requires prescription medication, please indicate so on the Medical History form explaining the purpose and directions for administration of the medication.  A medical service officer will collect these medicines and administer them IAW parent/doctor directives.  Cadets requiring inhalers, “epi-pens”, or other emergency medications must keep these items on their person at all times.  They should NOT be turned in to the medical services officer.   Written records will be kept of all first aid and medication administrations and copies furnished to parents upon request. 

 RIBBONS:  Cadets who successfully complete the bivouac receive the BIVOUAC RIBBON BAR.  9th grade cadets will earn a CERT PRACTICAL RIBBON BAR, 10th grade cadets will earn the SURVIVAL RIBBON BAR, the 11th grade will receive the MOUNTAINEERING RIBBON BAR, and the 12th grade will receive the ADVANCED APPLIED LEADERSHIP RIBBON BAR.  In addition, members of the unit selected as honor unit will receive the BRIGADE HONOR UNIT RIBBON BAR. 

POC:  for this event is Dr. Mark Ryan at cell phone at 323-217-4481, or by email at mryan@novamil.org.


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