You must have attended an orientation prior to the first day of classes. Click on the orientation link in NEWS for more information:

Orientation for the 2019-2020 school year is fast approaching.  Here is the schedule:

Incoming grade 6 - Tuesday 13 August from 3-5 PM

Incoming grade 7 - Tuesday 13 August from 5-7 PM

Incoming grade 8 - Wednesday 14 August from 3-5 PM

Incoming grade 9 - Wednesday 14 August from 5-7 PM

Incoming grade 10 - Thursday 15 August from 3-5 PM

Incoming grades 11 and 12 - Thursday 15 August from 5-7 PM

If you cannot come at your designated time, you are allowed to come at another time; just realize you may have to be a bit more patient because we will be focusing on the assigned grade levels.

Makeup orientation is Saturday August 24 from 8AM-10AM if you are unable to attend any of the scheduled orientations 13-15 August.

The uniform for orientation is the correct and complete PT uniform from last year, or the entrance camp gray uniform if you attended entrance camp this year.  Be sure your hair is 100% in compliance, as you will be taking an ID photo, and you will not be permitted to take the ID photo if your hair is not in compliance.  Young men --- that means a barber's "2" on top and a "1" on the sides and back if you are a pladge or a "4" on top and a "2" on the sides and back if you are a cadet. Young women - hair must be in a proper, tight bun. Also, be sure you are not wearing any jewelry and any makeup (including nail polish and nail length/type) meet NVMI standards, and you are in the complete and proper PT/Pledge uniform.

If you have any questions, please email me ahead of time.

Mark P. Ryan, Ph.D.

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