Early College Program Summer Courses

EARLY COLLEGE PROGRAM – For cadets participating in our Early College Program, the following chart outlines what each cohort of students will be doing during this summer:





June 15 – July 19


July 20 – August 23

Incoming freshmen

Counseling 40 – College Success Seminar and (Monday through Thursday 10:40 a.m. – 1:05 p.m.)

Math 110 – Introduction to Algebraic Concepts (Monday through Thursday 8-10:25 a.m.)

Continue Math 110 – Introduction to Algebraic Concepts (Monday through Thursday 8-10:25 a.m.)

Medical pathway

Biology 3 – Introduction to Biology with Lab (Monday through Thursday 8-11AM)

Biology 3 – Introduction to Biology with Lab (Through August 9 only) (Monday through Thursday 8-11AM)

Information Technology pathway

Computer Science 407 – Programming Logic and Design

(with lab)

Computer Science 430 – Data Analytics (with lab)

Public Service pathway

Administration of Justice 4 – Principles and Procedures of the Justice System

Administration of Justice 1 – Introduction to Administration of Justice

Business and Finance


Business 5 – Business Law

Finance 1 – Principles of Finance

Arts and Media pathway

Multimedia 100 – Introduction to Multimedia Computer Applications (with lab)

Multimedia 110 – Visual Communication (with lab)

Liberal Arts (Education) pathway

Chicano Studies 2 – The Mexican-American in Contemporary Society

Sociology 1 – Introduction to Sociology


Remember to sign up with Ms. Burchards via email at cburchards@novamil.org or email her or Mr. Vargas (bvargas@novamil.org) with questions.

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