Mission College Early College Program



What exactly is the NVMI Early College Program?

Students enroll in classes that count for BOTH high school graduation and college graduation. In other words, a single course gives them DOUBLE credit.

How much does it cost?

All courses and textbooks are FREE. There is no cost to students.

What courses are offered and when?

NVMI CPA offers the gamut of available “general education” courses, including English, math, US and world history, political science, speech communications, Earth science, physical science, biological science, art, music, theatre, Chicano studies, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and more. Classes are offered during the school day in place of regular NVMI CPA class periods. Some take place after school.

How many classes do students take?

Students enroll in up to nine credits per session. There are five sessions – fall, winter, spring and two in the summer. Some students enroll in one course while others take two or three.

Are there prerequisites to enroll?

All courses in English and math require a placement test. Students whose placement test scores indicate a need for pre-collegiate English or math are offered those courses through the LA Mission College program at NVMI CPA. Those courses include English 21 or 28 prior to enrollment in English 101 or Math 125AB (Elementary and Intermediate Algebra) prior to enrollment in College Algebra. Some courses do not require any prerequisites; others require successful completion of courses like English 101 or College Algebra.

What grades/age levels can participate?

All grade levels (including middle school) can participate as long as parents, the school administration, and the student believe the student can be successful in a rigorous college level course that requires college level reading and writing skills.

Why should students enroll?

  • To gain college credits while still in high school.
  • To explore various fields of study as you consider what to major in for college or university.
  • To save money on tuition and textbooks.
  • To save time because you graduate earlier from college.
  • To experience college expectations and prepare you for the rigors of college level reading, writing, math, science and other content areas.

What NVMI CPA students are saying…

“I am graduating in May 2018 from NVMI and will be done with an AA degree by December 2018. This would never have happened had I not attended NVMI and participated in this program.”

—Rosie Pacheco, NVMI Class of 2018

“Though rigorous, I feel like these classes have given me the chance to experience college while still in high school and get a better sense of what I want to study in full time college.

—Anthony Yahuaca, NVMI Class of 2018

“These college professors are no joke. They expect a lot from us, but I’m so glad my family and I were able to save thousands of dollars by taking these classes while I was still in high school.

—Jordan Guillen, NVMI Class of 2019

For more information, contact:

Carol Burchards, Early College Program Director

North Valley Military Institute

College Preparatory Academy

(collocated on the campus of Sun Valley High School)

12105 Allegheny Street

Sun Valley, California 91352

Cell 323-217-4481

Office 818-368-1557 X 7


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