Interscholastic Teams

For the 2015-2016 School Year, NVMI fields the following teams

  • Fall High School Coed Cross Country
  • Fall High School Girls Volleyball
  • Fall Middle School Girls Volleyball
  • Fall Coed Middle School Flag Football
  • Fall High School Flag Football
  • Winter High School Girls Soccer
  • Winter High School Boys Soccer
  • Winter High School Girls Baskebtlal
  • Winter High School Boys Baskebtall
  • Winter Middle School Girls Soccer
  • Winter Middle School Boys Soccer
  • Winter Middle School Girls Basketball
  • Winter Middle School Boys Basketball
  • Spring High School Boys BAseball
  • Spring High School Girls Softball
  • Spring High School Boys Volleyball
  • Spring Middle School Boys Volleyball
  • Spring Middle School Girls Volleyball

Check out our schedule and record and stats at

NVMI is in its second year of associate membership with the California Interscholastic Federation, Los Angeles City Section, and will be a full member beginning with the 2016-2017 school year. 

High School Volleyball Schedule

9/29 vs Valor  @4:30  Home

10/7 vs Burton Tech @4:00  Away

10/8 vs Amino Watts @5:00 Away

10/9 vs New West @4:00 Away

10/13 vs Valor @4:00 Away

10/14 vs Smidt Tech @4:00 Away

10/21 vs LA Alliance @3:30 Away

10/27 vs Burton Tech @4:30 Home

Cross Country Meets

10/1 @ Elysian Park 2:00pm

10/8 @ Elysian Park 2:00pm

10/15 @ Elysian Park 2:00pm

10/22 @ Elysian Park 2:00pm

10/29 @ Elysian Park 2:00pm

Middle School Flag Football

10/1 vs Vaugh @5:00

10/6 vs Ivy @4:00

10/13 vs JJMS @4:00

10/22 vs MLC @4:00

10/27 vs BC @4:00

11/5 vs OCS @4:00

11/6 vs SFIAM @4:00 Away

All games except  the last game of the season 11/6 will be played on our NVMI campus 

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