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DELTA company is guided by TAC Officer LTC Solache and TAC NCO SSG Padilla


Weekly  Assignments (Day Due):






  • Academic Vocabulary (Words found in planner)


  • Parent signature in planner (p. 186)  


  • Cornell Notes (Finish and summarize Monday's class notes)


  • Current Events 
  • Wellness Journals



Course Syllabus:


General Information:

  • Detention is held in the Small Gym on Thursday Mornings from 0645-0900.
  • If you would like to purchase the Class A coat: YOU must see Mr. Vasquez in the morning, at the HX.
  • If you need to purchase other uniform items or school items report directly to the HX and see Mr. Vasquez.
  • To purchase your very own Class C uniform, please check out the following links:
  1. Class C Shirt:
  2. Class C Pants:
  • To purchase Optional Items for the Class B uniform, please check out the following links:
  1. To purchase the Female Short Sleeve Shirt (untucked):
  2. To purchase the Female Long Sleeve Shirt (untucked):
  3. To purchase the Female Skirt (Classic):
  4. To purchase the Male Long Sleeve Shirt:

Important Dates:

  • February 1st – Re-enrollment/Course Selection 11th Grade
  • February 2nd – Chocolate sale top seller awarded $300 at AM formation (must have sold 25 or more cases)
  • February 2nd – Re-enrollment/Course Selection 10th Grade
  • February 3rd – Re-enrollment/Course Selection 9th Grade
  • February 7th – Re-enrollment/Course Selection 8th Grade
  • February 8th – Re-enrollment/Course Selection 7th Grade
  • February 9th – Re-enrollment/Course Selection 6th Grade
  • February 14th – YPI Dinner & a Movie event
  • February 15th – Deadline for Summer Camp Applications with $25 application deposit and deadline to apply for Summer Camp Scholarship of $160
  • February 16th – DJ Dance Party period 7 and 8 in small gym for Chocolate sellers
  • February 16th – Kona Ice for Chocolate sellers of 4 or more cases
  • February 16th – NVMI Dog Chains/Class B Uniform name tags awarded for chocolate sellers of 3 or more cases
  • February 16th – Movie tickets awarded for chocolate sellers of 5 or more cases
  • February 17th – All you can eat pizza/ice cream party for chocolate sellers of 13 or more cases
  • February 17th – Progress Report 3B
  • February 24th – YPI Talent Show
  • March 1st – Deadline for Summer Camp $25 payment
  • March 16th – Deadline for Summer Camp $25 payment
  • April 1st – Deadline for Summer Camp $25 payment
  • April 8th – State Drill Competition all day at Los Alomitos
  • April 10-14 Spring Break (Hopefully Survival Red Beret Training Exercise, if there are enough eligible cadets)
  • April 16th – Deadline for Summer Camp $25 payment
  • April 17th – Day off school for those who sold 2 or more cases of chocolate
  • May 1st – Deadline for Summer Camp $25 payment
  • May 15th- Deadline for Summer Camp $25 payment
  • May 20th – State Individual Major Awards Competition
  • June 1st – Deadline for Summer Camp $25 payment
  • June 22nd – July 1- Summer Camp at Camp Pendleton

Current Events are Due Every Thursday:

Current Events Week 22 Due 2 FEB 17:

1.  What actor, famous for her role in her self-titled television show, passed away last Wednesday?

2. Protests were held throughout the country due to what Executive Order dealing with immigration?

3. What country’s president recently cancelled a meeting with President Trump?

4. What North American country recently experienced a terrorist attack at a mosque killing six?

5. Who beat out Rafael Nadal for his 18th major win?

6. What popular acting awards were held over this past weekend?

7. Who beat out her own sister to take her record-setting 23rd Grand Slam?

8. What is the name of the British actor that passed away at the age of 77, known for roles in Alien and The Elephant Man?

9. What Governor will not be charged with misconduct over “Bridgegate” scandal?

10. What two teams will play at this year’s Super Bowl?

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