Delta Company

Delta Logo/Patch 

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DELTA company is guided by TAC Officer LTC Solache and TAC NCO SSG Padilla

Important Files for 10th Grade LOC class only!

Print for use in lesson - 24APRIL2017 - Must be brought in for 10th Grade LOC period 2. CR 1 

Weekly  Assignments (Day Due):






  • Academic Vocabulary (Words found in planner)


  • Parent signature in planner (p. 186)  


  • Cornell Notes (Finish and summarize Monday's class notes)


  • Current Events 
  • Wellness Journals



Course Syllabus:


General Information:

  • Detention is held in the Small Gym on Thursday Mornings from 0645-0900.
  • If you would like to purchase the Class A coat: YOU must see Mr. Vasquez in the morning, at the HX.
  • If you need to purchase other uniform items or school items report directly to the HX and see Mr. Vasquez.
  • To purchase your very own Class C uniform, please check out the following links:
  1. Class C Shirt:
  2. Class C Pants:
  • To purchase Optional Items for the Class B uniform, please check out the following links:
  1. To purchase the Female Short Sleeve Shirt (untucked):
  2. To purchase the Female Long Sleeve Shirt (untucked):
  3. To purchase the Female Skirt (Classic):
  4. To purchase the Male Long Sleeve Shirt:

Important Dates:

  • April 16th – Deadline for Summer Camp $25 payment
  • April 17th – Day off school for those who sold 2 or more cases of chocolate
  • May 1st – Deadline for Summer Camp $25 payment
  • May 15th- Deadline for Summer Camp $25 payment
  • May 20th – State Individual Major Awards Competition
  • June 1st – Deadline for Summer Camp $25 payment
  • June 22nd – July 1- Summer Camp at Camp Pendleton

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