Parent/Cadet Handbook

2018-2019 Cadet/Parent HandbookPDF iconnvmi_cadet-parent_handbook_2018-2019_final_version_for_planner.pdf

Spanish Translation of Handbook: Filestudent_handbook_-_spanish.docx


Retaliation against a student because the student has filed a bullying complaint or assisted or 

participated in a bullying or harassment investigation or proceeding is prohibited.


Students who knowingly file false bullying or harassment complaints or give false statements in an investigation shall be subject to discipline by measures up to and including suspension and expulsion, as shall any student who is found to have retaliated against another in violation of this policy. 


48900.4 In addition to the grounds specified in Sections 48900 and 48900.2 , a pupil enrolled in any of grades 4 to 12, inclusive, may be suspended from school or recommended for expulsion if the superintendent or the principal of the school in which the pupil is enrolled determines that the pupil has intentionally engaged in harassment, threats, or intimidation, directed against school district personnel or pupils, that is sufficiently severe or pervasive to have the actual and reasonably expected effect of materially disrupting classwork, creating substantial disorder, and invading the rights of either school personnel or pupils by creating an intimidating or hostile educational environment.


Applying makeup in school is not allowed. Students who wear makeup to school that complies with the makeup standards are fine, but may not use school time to put on or take off make up, especially during class time. Application or removal of makeup during school time is now a 1 point active demerit. Having on makeup which violates the makeup policies on page 122 of the planner is also grounds for a 1 point active demerit.

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