Parent/Cadet Handbook

Click on the link below for a copy of the 2017-2018 Parent/Cadet Handbook.

Also click on the link below for the SPANISH version of the Parent/Cadet Handbook.


  1. At its May, 2017 Board meeting, after the planner we sent to press, the board adopted a revised Search policy, as follows.  This replaces the "School investigations" policy on pages184-185 of the planner....

    “NVMI will not conduct any drug or alcohol testing of students at any time.  In cases where a student is suspected of being under the influence of an illegal substance, parents/guardians will be encouraged to get their children tested and share those results with the school.  In considering student disciplinary consequences regarding students suspected of being under the influence, the administration shall be permitted to use circumstantial evidence, including direct observation evidence (and reports) and any hearsay evidence the administration believes to be credible. NVMI will make every attempt to get students suspected of being in possession of anything contrary to school policy to voluntarily give those items to a school administrator or show that their backpack, purse, pockets, or other personal property do not contain the suspected item(s).  In cases where the suspected item is illegal but NOT believed to be immediately dangerous to others  (e.g. drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc), if students refuse to voluntarily show that their personal property does not contain the suspected item(s), parents/guardians will be called and encouraged to voluntarily  conduct a search of their children. If students and/or parents refuse such voluntary activities, the NVMI administration may call school police or the LAPD to conduct a search and/or seek counsel and/or may take other disciplinary action it deems appropriate.  In cases where the immediate health or safety of the school community is at risk, law enforcement will be called to conduct searches for suspected weapons or dangerous objects.”

  2. Page 160 of the planner states that the Captain Stev Diab award is given to students based on "unspent" merits.  That is an error. It should read "total accumulated merits."

Spanish Translation of Handbook: Filestudent_handbook_-_spanish.docx

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