About Academics, including Special Education and English Learners

THE PREMISE OF NVMI'S ACADEMIC PROGRAM: NVMI's academic program in middle school is about getting students prepared for success in high school. The high school program is built around successful completion of the A-G requirements for admission to Cal State and University of California schools, as well as private colleges and universities. Some specifics about NVMI's curricular program:

Math - NVMI uses the College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) program, specially designed to help students make meaning out of mathematical concepts called for in the Common Core State Standards. See www.cpm.org for more information.

English - NVMI uses the Engage New York Common Core curriculum, with a focus on close reading of informational texts, expository writing, speaking, and listening. See www.engageny.org for more information.

Science, Technology, and Engineering - NVMI teaches to the "newly adopted" Next Generation Science Standards, attempting to help students think and act like scientists.  NVMI offers a robotics program for all grade levels, and is expanding its computer and englineering offerings as part of a strategic plan over the next five years.

History/Social Sciences - NVMI teaches to the California content standards for History/Social Science, with a focus on student use of primary sourcce documents to understand the interconnectedness of our world, its people, its geography, and it natrual resources.

Languages other than English - NVMI teachers both Spanish and French in high school.

Visual and Performing Arts - NVMI has a wonderful military band program and extensive instrumental music program for students in grades 6-12.  It also offers visual arts courses for students in high school.

A copy of the NVMI Course Catalog can be found here: PDF iconcourse_catalog_2018.pdf

SPECIAL EDUCATION: NVMI happily serves any students with special needs through a capable and caring staff and programs and supports specially designed to help children receive a high school diploma and go on to college.  For information about special education at NVMI, contact Karla Uribe at kuribe@novamil.org

ENGLISH LEARNERS: NVMI also happily serves any students for whom English is not their primary language. Those services are likewise designed to help children receive a high school diploma and go on to college.  For information about English learner programs at NVMI, contact Karla Uribe at kuribe@novamil.org



TECHNOLOGY PLAN:   FileTechnology Plan 2014 through 2017 

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