Boys Volleyball

Game Schedule:                                                     Home Games (H) will be played in big gym at 2:00pm 

2/22/18  NVMI vs Ivy | 4:00pm @ 1st Place Sports Complex

2/26/18 Triumph vs NVMI (H)

2/28/18 NVMI vs Fulton | 2:30 @ Fulton High School

3/1/18  NVMI vs Sun Valley | 3:00pm @ Sun Valley High School

3/5/18 Sun Valley Magnet vs NVMI (H)

3/6/18 NVMI vs VASS | 2:30 @ Valley of Arts and Science School

3/12/18 Valor vs NVMI (H)

3/15/18 Community Charter vs NVMI (H)

3/19/18 Lake View vs NVMI (H)

4/5/18  Ivy vs NVMI (H)

4/9/18  NVMI vs Triumph | 3:00pm @ PUC Complex

4/12/18 Sun Valley vs NVMI (H)

4/16/18 NVMI VS Sun Valley Magnet | 2:00pm @ Sun Valley Middle School

4/23/18 NVMI vs Valor | 2:30pm @ Branford Park

4/26/18 NVMI vs Community Charter | 3:00pm @ PUC Complex

4/30/18 NVMI vs Lake View| 3:00pm @ PUC Complex  

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