Alpha Company


7th Brigade, North Valley Military Institute, Alpha Company, 213th Battalion is guided by TAC Officer 1LT Russell Theodore and TAC Chief CW2 Beth Morden. The official mascot is the Archers. 

Alpha Company is lead by C/2nd Lt Jessica Alvarado, who is the Company Commander. The executive officer is C/2nd Lt Julio Aguilar and the Company 1SG is C/SSG Brianna Rodriguez. 

Alpha Company Cadet Staff

S1- Jennifer Martinez 

Assistant S-1- Charon Kaur

S2- Jovanny Gonzalez

Assistant S2 - Fernando Hernandez

Assistant S2- Isaac Navarro

S3- RoseMarie Pacheco

Assistant S3- Juan Meza

S4- Naimat Ajayi

Assistant S4 - Nicholas Post

S5- Lauren Fabery

Assistant S5- Kiara Hernandez

We are excited about the upcoming school year and look forward to the opportunity to lead all Alpha Company members and pursue the Honor Unit.

Assignments DUE each day are listed below:



   If you are interested in purchasing your own Class C:

Class C Shirt:
Class C Pants:



March 30 - Pass In Review @ 0900 Class A/B Uniform

March 31 - No School 

April 03 - End of Quarter 4A Progress Reports Sent Out

April 10 - April 14 - Spring Break



Current Events Week 30 - Due March 30


1. In what popular destination city were streets closed due to a man shooting two people on a bus?

2. The chairman of what committee held a news conference to announce he has received credible information that the intelligence community "incidentally collected" personal communications of Trump transition team members?

3. What is the name of the former Marine with a double leg amputation that just became a police officer in Suffolk County, New York? 

4. On Friday House Republican leaders pulled legislation that would replace what current law?

5. In what European city were four people, including a police officer, killed in a vehicle and knife attack?

6. As of last Friday what former NBA player now has a nearly 10 foot statue in front of the Staples Center?

7.  What did officials ban on flights to the U.S. from 13 international airports due to increased terror threats? 

8. What is the name of the newly added Sesame Street character with Autism? 

9. In what country did authorities say 29 inmates escaped from a prison using a 131 foot tunnel? 

10. What two neighboring Southern states have are competing in the Final Four?

  • Current Events Week 29Due March 23, 2017 

1. In what American city did a man steal an ambulance, running over and ultimately killing an EMT? 

2. What legendary rock-and-roll pioneer, known for songs like Johnny B. Goode, passed away last week?

3. Who allegedly kidnapped a 15 year-old from Culleoka, Tennessee, and is on the run from authorities?

4. In what Western city did an SUV drive into a gas pump at a Shell station causing a large explosion?

5. What did Hank Stout find in his garage while trying to retrieve a box in his home in Merritt Island, Fla?

6. How much is the Labor Department forcing Disney to pay to its Florida employees as back pay?

7. Which European leader did the White House host last week?  

8. Near what Colorado city have firefighter been battling a fire whom they believe is human-caused?

9. By how much did President Trump propose last Thursday the defense budget should be increased?

10. What federal agency had a government computer stolen containing highly sensitive information?

  • Current Events Week 28Due March 16, 2017

1.  What is the name of the man that was arrested on Friday night for jumping the fence at the White House? 

2. What did MMA fighters Axel Cazares and Alan Vasquez do to each other during their fight this past weekend in Kansas City?

3. What was celebrated this past Wednesday to honor women’s accomplishments and call attention to women’s issues?

4. Archeologists from what two countries found a statue, estimated to be 30 feet tall, of Ramses II in Matariya, Egypt?

5. What is the name of the skydiver that hit two cars on his way down in DeLand, Florida?

6. In what state was a bill killed that would change the age of consent for marriage from 13/14 years-old (parental and court approval) to 18 years-old?

7. What is the name of the 10 year-old that was able to save his mother and little sister when his mother had a seizure while driving?  

8. What did a Danish boy find inside a WWII plane’s cockpit while doing research for his history class?

9. What comedian made a rare public appearance at a town hall meeting in Yellow Springs, Ohio?

10. In what European city did poachers break into a zoo to kill a rhino for his horn?

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