Alpha Company


7th Brigade, North Valley Military Institute, Alpha Company, 213th Battalion is guided by TAC Officer CW3  Morden and TAC NCO SFC Padilla and SPC Franco.

The official mascot is the Archers. 

Alpha Company is lead by C/2LT Jovanny Gonzalez, who is the Company Commander. The executive officer is C/2LT Julio Aguilar and the Company 1SG is C/SSG Lauren Fabery

Alpha Company Cadet Staff

S1- Mitchell Weisberg 

S2- Kiara Hernandez

S3- Alexander Silva Tapia

S4- Marisol Rubalcava

S5- Kaila Rivas

S6- Nicholas Post

S8- Marcos Alegria

We are excited about the upcoming school year and look forward to the opportunity to lead all Alpha Company members and pursue the Honor Unit.

Assignments DUE each day are listed below:






If you are interested in purchasing optional Class B items:

To purchase the Female Short Sleeve Shirt (untucked):

To purchase the Female Long Sleeve Shirt (untucked):

To purchase the Female Skirt (Classic):

To purchase the Female Neck Tie:

To purchase the Male Long Sleeve Shirt:

To purchase the Male Neck Tie:


   If you are interested in purchasing your own Class C:

Class C Shirt:
Class C Pants:


  • January 19 - ROTC Field Trip (See SGT Perez for Permission Slips)
  • January 26 - Bivouc Field Trip Slips Due
  •                       Progress Reports Q3A
  • January 27 - Panda Express Fundraiser

Current Events

  • Current Events Week 20 due Thursday January 18, 2018

1. What state had an accidental Emergency Message sent out claiming there was an inbound missile headed towards them?

2. What countries did President Trump allegedly refer to in a derogatory remark?

3. In what country did a plane skid off the runway and onto a cliff?

4. What Southern-California city suffered devastating mudslides resulting in 20 deaths?

5. What European country passed a law that lobsters cannot be boiled alive after March 2018?

6. In what Mid-Western city did a family find a hidden room underneath their garage when a sinkhole opened up?

7. What former White House advisor left his position as executive chairman of ­Breitbart News Network last Tuesday?

8. What federal agency placed 5 states in Mexico under severe travel warning?

9. What Middle-Eastern country released 440 anti-government protesters last Sunday?

10. What US ambassador resigned from his post citing irreconcilable differences with the Trump administration?

  • Current Events Week 19 due Thursday January 11, 2018

1. What popular game show host is currently on a leave of absence to recover from brain surgery?

2. What is the name of the book about the White House that President Trump said is made up of lies?

3. What tennis star announced that they will be withdrawing from this year’s Australian Open?

4. What country arrested 11 princes after they allegedly protested over a decree that stops the government from covering the cost of their electric and water bills?

5. What actor, known for his role as an assistant college football coach, passed at the age of 86?

6. What sea creatures are scientists worried are killing the Great Barrier Reef at an alarming pace?

7. What former astronaut; who walked on the moon, commanded the first space shuttle mission and became the first person to fly in space six times, passed away last Friday?

8. In what Central-American country did a small plane crash killing 12 people, 10 that were American?

9. What two countries have opened communication to discuss the upcoming Winter Olympics?

10. What two famous music stars were knighted by Queen Elizabeth in her 2018 New Year honors list?

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