Alpha Company


7th Brigade, North Valley Military Institute, Alpha Company, 213th Battalion is guided by TAC Officer  LTC Solache, TAC Officer CW2  Morden and TAC NCO SSG Padilla.

The official mascot is the Archers. 

Alpha Company is lead by C/2LT Jovanny Gonzalez, who is the Company Commander. The executive officer is C/2LT Julio Aguilar and the Company 1SG is C/SSG Lauren Fabery

Alpha Company Cadet Staff

S1- Mitchell Weisberg 

S2- Kiara Hernandez

S3- Alexander Silva Tapia

S4- Marisol Rubalcava

S5- Kaila Rivas

S6- Nicholas Post

S8- Marcos Alegria

We are excited about the upcoming school year and look forward to the opportunity to lead all Alpha Company members and pursue the Honor Unit.

Assignments DUE each day are listed below:






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Class C Shirt:
Class C Pants:


  • September 22 - Pass In Review (1300)
  • September 23 - Spaghetti Dinner (1700-1900)
  • October 13 - Noon Dismissal
  • October 14 - Los Angeles Korean Festival Parade / Montebello Parade
  • October 17 - Jog - A -Thon
  • October 19 - Great California Shakeout Earthquake Drill

Current Events

Week 7 due September 21, 2017 

1. What tech giant announced their newest cell phone starting at the $999?

2. In what US city did 3 middle school students help stop a moving bus when the bus driver suffered a seizure?

3. What type of animal escaped from a petting zoo in Kenosha County, Wisconsin?

4. In what European capital was an improvised explosive device left in a train this past Friday?

5. The US Secretary of State is thinking of closing the US embassy of which Caribbean nation?

6. What group of people marched on Saturday to protest the FBI identifying them as a gang?

7. What city has had several nights of protests following the acquittal of a white former police officer in the fatal shooting of a black man?

8. What NASA satellite ended its 13 year mission of exploring Saturn this past week?

9. What does President Trump use to hit Hillary Clinton in a GIF that he tweeted last week?

10. What professional NFL player caught his 112th touchdown pass on Sunday, to become the all-time leader in touchdown receptions among tight ends?

Current Events Due Thursday September 14, 2017

1. What Southern state was pummeled by Hurricane Irma?

2. How tall is the new One World Trade Center building?

3. What former chief strategist for President Trump did his first major interview since leaving the White House?

4. How did a man apologize to his neighbors after sparks from machinery on his property started a wildfire in Bountiful, Utah?

5. What type of tooth was found last Friday at a triceratops dig site in Thornton, Colorado?

6. In what city did a man get stuck in a sink hole while crossing the street?

7. What country experienced an 8.1 magnitude earthquake last week?

8. From what country is TSA mandating any air cargo be screened before entering the US?

9. What soccer player may lose a $28.7 million deal due to his application for transfer being sent 14 seconds too late?

10. What country is threatening to sue the US government for closure of diplomatic facilities?

Current Events Due Thursday September 07, 2017

1. What immigration policy set by former President Obama has President Trump said he will end?

2. What did the Prince William and his wife Catherine announce this past weekend?

3. What is the name of the fire in the Verdugo Mountains that has consumed 7,000 acres so far?

4. What is the name of the hurricane that is forming in the Caribbean with 185 mile winds?

5. What is the name of the historical downtown railway that opened this past week?

6. In what state was a nurse arrested because she refused to draw blood from an unconscious patient?

7. Last Tuesday North Korea fired a test missile over which country?

8. What is the name of Colombia’s newest political party?

9. Why did San Diego County declare a local health emergency last Friday?

10. What two college football teams played this Saturday in the most-watched kickoff weekend game on record with 12.5 million viewers?

Current Events Due Thursday August 31,2017

1. What is the name of the Tropical Storm currently battering Texas?

2. In what state was a 13 year-old found driving a car with 25 pounds of methamphetamine inside?

3. What consumer products giant lost a lawsuit in Los Angeles forcing it to pay $417 million?

4. In what European capital was a 26 year-old man arrested after he drove up to police and threatened them with a 4 foot sword?

5. What country will begin allowing “X” as an option for gender on passports and other official government documents?

6. Beginning Monday Amazon will lower prices of what popular grocery store after a merging of the two companies?

7. In what country did 8 people go missing after a landslide hit a village with 140 million cubic feet of rock and mud?

8. What is the name of the person President Trump pardoned who was convicted of criminal contempt of court?

9. What company is rethinking the possible move of 2,000 to 3,000 employees into a 330,000 square-foot space in a building in downtown Oakland, California?

10. What government agency fired various weapons near the White House this past Saturday?

Current Events Due Thursday August 24, 2017

1. What chief strategist for President Trump left the White House last Friday?

2. What famous actor, comedian, and philanthropist passed away Sunday at the age of 91?

3. What is the name of the ship whose wreckage was found after 72 years?

4. What African nation suffered tremendous mudslides leading to nearly 500 deaths?

5. What European city endured several terrorist attacks, including a white van that ran into pedestrians killing at least 13 people and injuring more than 120?

6. What Easter American city saw thousands of counterdemonstrators on Saturday in response to a free-speech rally?

7. What small town was ordered to evacuate on Saturday due to the Yosemite fire reaching as close as 1.5 miles away?

8. What famous British landmark will fall silent for the next 4 years while it is being restored?

9. What navy warship collided with a commercial tanker causing 10 sailors to go missing?

10. Malala Yousafzai will be attending what prestigious university to complete her degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics?

Current Events Due Thursday August 16, 2017

1. What Southern-California city is currently battling a 1000 acre fire?

2. To what airline does the passenger jet belong to that struck a utility truck while taxing at LAX?

3. On what Southern-California freeway did an Infinity cause a crash that led to a BMW being pinned under a semi?

4. What professional soccer player was banned from several games after pushing a ref during a game?

5. What was the name of the woman that was killed when she was run over by a car during a protest in Virginia?

6. In what desert was a Yorba Linda couple found dead after they went hiking in 113 degree temperatures?

7. In what country was a rare white moose seen?

8. In what city were 17 undocumented immigrants found locked inside a tractor-trailer that was parked at a truck stop?

9. What popular American singer died last Tuesday at the age of 81?

10. In what Southern city did far-right extremists hold a “Unite the Right” rally that led to violent crashes with counter-protesters?

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