Alpha Company


7th Brigade, North Valley Military Institute, Alpha Company, 213th Battalion is guided by TAC Officer CW3  Morden and TAC NCO SGT Lopez.

The official mascot is the Archers. 

Alpha Company is lead by C/SSG Kiara Hernandez, who is the Company Commander. The executive officer is C/W02 Elisha Novoa and the Company 1SG is C/SGT Sebastian Castellanos

Alpha Company Cadet Staff

S1- Adriana Lineras 

S2- Ruben Estrada

S3- Hannah Covarrubias

S4- Steve Buezo

S5- Sophia Mendoza

S-7- Shem Monzon

S6- Jair Garcia

S8- Marcos Alegria

We are excited about the upcoming school year and look forward to the opportunity to lead all Alpha Company members and pursue the Honor Unit.

Assignments DUE each day are listed below:







If you are interested in purchasing optional Class B items:

To purchase the Female Short Sleeve Shirt (untucked):

To purchase the Female Long Sleeve Shirt (untucked):

To purchase the Female Skirt (Classic):

To purchase the Female Neck Tie:

To purchase the Male Long Sleeve Shirt:

To purchase the Male Neck Tie:


   If you are interested in purchasing your own Class C:

Class C Shirt:
Class C Pants:



Current Events

  • Current Events Week 2 due August 16, 2018

1. In what state did a man steal an airplane and ultimately crashing with it?

2. What type of floatation device where 2 women on when rescued by police on a Minnesota lake?

3. What did Joe Reed find under his hood of his truck on Saturday morning?

4. What is the name of the man who was awarded $289 million because he got cancer from a weed killer (pesticide)?

5. What did the first-lady’s parents do last Thursday in contradiction to the President’s thoughts on immigration?

6. Last Sunday’s space launch was to explore what in the solar system?

7. In what country was a school bus attacked by an air-strike, killing 50 and injuring 77 school children?

8. Who is the first woman to lead an infantry platoon in the history of the USMC?

9. What is the name of the 9 year-old chess prodigy that will be allowed to stay in the UK?

10. What change does the White House want to make to the military by the year 2020?

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