Alpha Company


7th Brigade, North Valley Military Institute, Alpha Company, 213th Battalion is guided by TAC Officer  LTC Solache, TAC Officer CW2  Morden and TAC NCO SSG Padilla.

The official mascot is the Archers. 

Alpha Company is lead by C/2LT Jovanny Gonzalez, who is the Company Commander. The executive officer is C/2LT Julio Aguilar and the Company 1SG is C/SSG Lauren Fabery

Alpha Company Cadet Staff

S1- Mitchell Weisberg 

S2- Kiara Hernandez

S3- Alexander Silva Tapia

S4- Marisol Rubalcava

S5- Kaila Rivas

S6- Nicholas Post

S8- Marcos Alegria

We are excited about the upcoming school year and look forward to the opportunity to lead all Alpha Company members and pursue the Honor Unit.

Assignments DUE each day are listed below:






If you are interested in purchasing optional Class B items:

To purchase the Female Short Sleeve Shirt (untucked):

To purchase the Female Long Sleeve Shirt (untucked):

To purchase the Female Skirt (Classic):

To purchase the Female Neck Tie:

To purchase the Male Long Sleeve Shirt:

To purchase the Male Neck Tie:


   If you are interested in purchasing your own Class C:

Class C Shirt:
Class C Pants:


  • November 17 - C Schedule - Noon Dismissal
  • November 18 - 26 - Thanksgiving Break
  • December 01 - Dining In

Current Events

  • Current Events Week 15 due Thursday November 16, 2017

1. What country will not be going to the World Cup for the first time in 60 years?

2. In what So-Cal city did a family of bears visit a house three times in the past two weeks — once even going inside?

3. What two neighboring Middle-Eastern countries experienced an earthquake that has left 400 dead?

4. What is the name of the politician running for Alabama’s open Senate seat that has been accused by several women of sexual misconduct?

5. What European country will recognize a “third gender” for people identifying as other than male or female?

6. In what country did a fire destroy an archeological site including a mural believed to be the oldest discovered in the Americas?

7. What Asian country’s leader told a group last Friday that he had killed someone as a teenager?

8. Mattel recently released a Barbie doll wearing a hijab, modeled after what Olympic athlete?

9. What European country is investigating the cause of death of 26 teenage girls whose bodies were recovered in the Mediterranean Sea?

10. At what military base did Patsy and Donald Goyette meet, two WWII veterans that have been married for 63 years?

  • Current Events Week 14 due Thursday Novemeber 09, 2017

1. What former Juventus, Milan and Italy midfielder announced his retirement from football at the age of 38?

2. President Trump visited what country first on his trip to Asia?

3. A prankster put yellow dye in what popular New York tourist attraction?

4. In what European country was a zucchini accidently mistaken for a WWII bomb?

5. What is the name of the hunter that was lost in the woods for 4 days in Oregon?        

6. In what city was a small bag of meth found mixed in with children’s Halloween candy?

7. 85 miles off shore of what East-Coast city was a rare blue lobster found last week? 

8.  In what US city did a terrorist run down a bike path killing 8 pedestrians?

9. Scientists discovered a mysterious ‘void’ inside what ancient Middle-Eastern structure?

10. In what African country has a plague outbreak infected 1,192 people since August, and has caused 124 deaths?

  • Current Events Week 13 due Thursday November 02, 2017

1. What is the name of the man that strapped 100 balloons to a lawn chair and flew up to 8,000 feet?

2. In what US city did the publisher of a newspaper find a wild bobcat inside his office bathroom?

3. What sports arena is serving cricket tacos at their concessions?

4. What image will the Italian soccer club Lazio wear on their shirts during a warm up to fight anti-Semitism?

5. What Rock-n-Roll hall of famer, famous for “Blueberry Hill” and “Ain’t That a Shame”, passed away?

6. What 3 US aircraft carriers are currently in western Pacific waters?

7. What is the name of the company that is under an FBI investigation that was contracted to rebuild the damaged electrical grid in Puerto Rico?

8. What classic book will once again be allowed to be read by 8th grade students in Biloxi, Mississippi after having been banned earlier?

9. For how long were the 2 women that were rescued by the US Navy lost in the Pacific Ocean?

10. In what state did a 10 year-old lead police in an hour-long chase reaching nearly 100 mph?

  • Current Events Week 12 due Thursday October 26, 2017

1. For what reason did all 5 living former Presidents unite at Texas A&M University in College Station?

2. What NFL Quarter back had to dress like Supergirl after losing a bet?

3. In what city are police saying that 3 murders in 11 days in the same neighborhood may be linked?

4. In a 27 year German study released last Wednesday found that the population of this had decreased by more than 75%?

5. What famous classified documents has President Trump said he will allow the release of?

6. In what city was a sculpture of Napoleon by the famous artist Auguste Rodin found, worth at least $4 million?

7. What North American city passed a bill Wednesday that would require public workers and citizens seeking government services to have their faces uncovered?

8. What Harry Potter villain’s name did a New Zealand biologist give to a newly discovered species of wasp?

9. In what African country were 4 US Soldiers killed on October 4, causing a political debate after the President called one of the widows?

10. What two teams will be facing off in the World Series?

  • Current Events Week 11 due Thursday October 19, 2017

1. What Middle-Eastern city just added flying motorbikes to their police force?

2. To what nation did the US soccer team lose to, failing to qualify for the World Cup?

3. What major Hollywood producer is now facing several allegations of sexual misconduct?

4. What is the name of the politician that wants to run against California senator Dianne Feinstein?

5. How much is the lottery ticket worth that a 68 year-old man found in his old shirt pocket?

6. What popular youth organization just announced it will allow girls to join?

7. What rapper created a Freestyle Rap that played at the BET Hip Hop Awards last Tuesday?

8. How many gallons of crude oil did the Coast Guard report was spilled last Friday in the Gulf of Mexico?

9. In what US city have the residents resorted to drinking potentially hazardous water due to shortage?

10. In what country was a 15th century merchant ship raised from a river bank?

  • Current Events Week 10 due Thursday October 12, 2017

1. What is the name of the Iraq war veteran that stole a work truck to rush critically wounded victims to the hospital?

2. At what zoo did a possum in a box prompt the police bomb squad to come out?

3. What bathing soap manufacture saw media outcry after a racially insensitive ad?

4. What European nation currently has a portion of its people seeking a separate independent state?

5. In what country were parts of an engine that were lost by an Air France flight en route from Paris to Los Angeles found?

6. What European carrier announced Wednesday its plans to have an all-electric airliner within the next decade?

7. What fast food giant had a run on their restaurants due to a limited time of their Szechuan sauce?

8. What US Army base suffered the loss of two soldiers and six others injured after a tragic accident involving a military vehicle and a troop formation?

9. A copy of what famous document was recently found and will be auctioned next November?

10. What elected official walk out of a game after players from the San Francisco 49ers knelt during the playing of the national anthem?

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